Tree Trimming in Fairfield CA

If you’re looking for a tree trimming service in Fairfield then you need to choose the right company for the job. It’s essential to go online and do your own research to establish whether a company is going to have everything that you’re looking for. You would not allow an untrained person to do plumbing in your home or for your business, and you should adopt this attitude when it comes to caring for your trees.

Unique Services

The majority of our crew members are ISA certified tree workers who are highly skilled to carry out any kind of work on your trees or shrubs and of course, Rhett the owner of the business, is a fully qualified arborist. No matter what work we are carrying out, safety and customer satisfaction are our priority. Only the latest best quality tools and machinery are used and we clean up any mess which is left over to save the customer time and trouble.

As well as being experts in specialized trimming and pruning we also offer irrigation services, tree and stump removal, root and soil care, pest and disease control, preservation, planting, soil analysis, deep root fertilization and much more. Our specialized methods allow trees to be restored to their former glory with minimum damage to the environment.

When trees are affected by pests or disease we always aim to use the least toxic treatments to eradicate these kinds of problems and we’ll always try to save a tree wherever possible. When looking for tree trimming fairfield ca, if trees are causing problems by clogging up guttering with foliage, we will prune them so that the new leaves grow upwards to prevent this happening in the future.

If a tree has died or no longer fits in with its immediate surroundings, we can remove it with minimum upheaval to another part of your garden or back yard. Our precision tree removal system means that neighboring shrubs and trees are unaffected by the removal process. Because many urban soils can be of poor quality, we can place nutrients and air back into the earth so that your trees stay healthy and continue to flourish for years to come. Likewise, with drier soils, we will install an efficient irrigation system which will leave your land with optimum moisture levels.

Additional Services

Because our tree specialists carry the required certification, we are able to provide evaluation reports for pre-development purposes, diagnose and treat trees which are diseased, and report on any hazardous tree. We deal with commercial, industrial and domestic tree servicing and no job is too small for our highly qualified workforce.

Unlike many other tree servicing companies, we always remove any debris after the work has been completed. We won’t leave a site unless the customer is 100% happy with the work that we’ve carried out. All of our service men use the latest high tech machinery and equipment to ensure an efficient job every single time. Among the tools we use are Brush Bandit Wood Chippers and Buckingham climbing gear.

For hazardous trees, we are experts in using cabling and bracing techniques to ensure that any accidents are prevented. This is an essential service for trees which are accessible by the general public. All of our work is fully insured to give customers peace of mind when employing us to carry out work.

With tree trimming fairfield CA, we feel that it’s our duty to help people and trees live together in harmony. Trees should be enjoyed and should not be perceived as a problem. By using our specialized pruning techniques you can look forward to having the shrubs and trees that you’ve always longed for but could never achieve yourself. Tree trimming is an art so it’s important to employ the services of a company who are trained and trusted.