Professional Tree Trimming and Removal Services

Few things are better for creating an enjoyable garden than trees. Broad, spreading branches provide beautiful shade all year round, great for beating the heat and even adding a bit of privacy to your outdoor space. However, like anything in your garden, trees need special attention to make sure they stay healthy and enjoyable, instead of becoming a danger to your home and property. A tree that hasn’t been properly cared for may drop branches or even fall during a storm, causing property damage and turning your lovely garden feature into a problem. Fortunately, regular use of our services, such as our popular tree trimming service in Davis, CA, can save you from these dangers, and can even enhance the beautiful natural forms of your trees.

Trees and people can coexist beautifully in the same space when they are provided with proper care and attention. Our carefully trained employees utilize precise pruning techniques that can control the shape of future tree growth, ensuring that your trees look as beautiful as possible. Even after just a single visit, you’ll see the difference that certified professional arborists can make in your garden. A tree which has been properly cared for can be a major boost to the value of your home, not to mention boosting your enjoyment of your outdoor space.

As is often the case with many trees in urban areas, overhead wires and other utilities – not to mention property lines and grouchy neighbors – can often cause problems for our clients. In some cases, careful pruning can solve these issues, if they are caught in time. Alternatively, if you’d prefer not to trim large sections of your trees but some type of maintenance is still necessary, we offer a full range of cabling and bracing services that allow you to keep the majority of your trees intact while staying protected from future damage. Cabling and bracing is also an excellent way to preserve the value of mature trees, while preventing potential damages that may wind up seriously harming or even killing the affected tree. Contact us for a professional assessment to find out what your options are for tree trimming in Davis, CA.

If it turns out that you have a tree that is damaged beyond saving or has outgrown the space available to it, our tree removal experts can safely remove the tree right down to the roots while maintaining the beauty and integrity of the surrounding spaces and structures. Since your safety – and that of your property – is our number one concern, all our employees are carefully trained in safe removal techniques, and Solano Shade is fully insured against any accidental damages that may occur.

Don’t let your trees become a problem for you. Hire us to maintain and care for your trees, and you’ll be able to enjoy the boost that they bring to your garden – and to your property value – for many years to come. To learn more about tree trimming in Davis, CA, get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you with your trees.