Tree Services

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Trees can become liabilities if unattended or improperly maintained. Solano Shade will provide a complete tree assessment for your property and determine the proper care for each tree. With our trained crew and specialized equipment, we can tackle any size project.


Stump Grinding

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We can service all types of trees big or small and have equipment to tackle jobs in tight quarters up to giant stumps in the open. We will use the best piece of equipment for the project to get the job done, with the least impact to the surrounding area.


Emergency Service

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For emergencies call (707) 249-3895 - Emergencies are un-expected and happen without notice. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you when the unexpected happens. We are trained and have the equipment to handle any type of tree hazard. We will quickly and safely remove the tree to prevent further damage or provide access.


Pest Control

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Most tree pest and disease problems can be prevented by simple treatments to improve the trees health. Trees in good health can defend themselves from pests. In those cases where the pest or disease requires additional controls, we will utilize the most targeted treatments currently available.


Tree Service, Vacaville, CA By Experts In The Field

Trees add a lot more to our lives than just shade and aesthetic appeal. There is something about the sight of well-maintained trees that relaxes you from within. But, trees need proper care to be in their full glory, especially when grown in urban areas. Our cities are built to suit humans and trees often come in the way.

We provide comprehensive tree service in Vacaville in CA so that trees can enrich our lives with their greenery. We have the experience to handle residential as well as commercial tree maintenance requirements. We have made it a policy to utilize the services of only trained professionals who know that these lovely trees can also become a hazard if not handled with care.

There are many aspects to a tree service right from selecting the right kind of tree according to the location and soil condition as well as the purpose for which they are being planted. Our tree experts can advise you regarding the tree that most suits the area. We work closely with the property owner to understand his requirements and to provide solutions that are best for both the trees as well as the property owner.

Common problems that can be harmful for trees and should be addressed to at the earliest are inadequate soil conditions, pests, damaged roots and so on. We have the expertise to handle all such situations. Our arborists make sure that the roots are well aerated and free from constrictions. Moreover, soil conditions are also attended to by timely use of fertilizers.

Pests can be the biggest danger to a healthy tree and time to time pest control measures are essential for the survival of the tree. Disease can strike anytime, but trees are particularly susceptible in some times of the year. We not only provide treatment as and when required but also take preventive steps to ensure that the trees remain pest and disease free throughout the year.

We have full concern for the environment and always look for natural ways to keep trees healthy so that the use of harmful chemicals is minimized as far as possible. In addition to this, we ensure that the chemical used does not pose any harm to the surroundings.

All of us are aware that trees need to be pruned periodically but few realize that this is not just for aesthetic reasons. Trees that are pruned regularly will always grow out to be healthy. But pruning does not mean just sniping off a few jutting branches. It is a specialized skill and our tree service professionals are proficiently at their work.

Trees, despite good care, sometimes become a danger to the people and property around them or may need to be removed because they come in the way. However, removing a tree can be very dangerous if not done by experienced professionals. We specialize in safe removal of trees including the stump, making sure that they cause no harm whatsoever to the surrounding area.

Our tree service in Vacaville, CA is committed to provide the best possible service to all tree lovers. We are always available for consultation and ready to share our expert knowledge with our customers so that trees and man can flourish together.

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